Combo/Pre-Ballet and Tap

Our combo classes introduce our youngest dancers to the joy of rhythm, movement, song, coordination and concentration. These classes gently teach proper form, while allowing students to delight in the joy of dance.



Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. Beautiful posture, poise, grace and flexibility are just some of the benefits of ballet. Pointe classes are offered for more advanced ballet students.



A dance born in America, tap develops a sense of rhythm and promotes coordination and concentration. It’s fun too!


Funky Jazz/Hip-Hop

Combining traditional jazz moves with hip-hop funk, these classes are fast-paced and high-energy. Jazz/Hip-Hop classes are offered for all ages and abilities.



Lyrical is a less restrictive form of ballet, jazz and modern dance with a fluid, continuous style. Students dance to contemporary music played at a slower tempo.



Kick line

Kick line is a prep class that is designed to prepare the students for future school kick line teams. Students will learn proper form and placement.